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We monitor all comments from community to make sure that the discussions on our community and course pages are troll, spam and abuse free however we are not "comment police" nor are we "omnipresent". The comment section can be a great place for interaction with fellow students, community members and instructors. We want it to be a spawning ground for stimulating conversation that is a great place for all of us! To ensure that you have a great time learning and interacting at Learn @ Healthy Natured please make sure to stick to the following community and comments guidelines:

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    • Spam? Deleted!  Account. Terminated! We understand that you may make thousands of dollars every minute working from home, however, we are not interested. Yawn. Please refrain from posting self promoting baloney as the only thing you'll achieve is an early exit.
    To put it simply, our guidelines boil down to “Remember why you are here”. You signed up to learn, to develop and to be art f a like minded community. If you find any comments which violate our guidelines, please make sure to ‘flag’ or ‘mark as spam’ – our moderators highly appreciate your support! Ok, Rant over. Happy commenting!