Complete Online Diploma In Palmistry

Discover The Secrets and Mysteries Hidden In Your Hands

Language: English

Instructors: J B Holistic

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Why this course?


In this course you will learn both the art of palmistry and of hand reading.  While many people think they are one and the same they actually belong to 2 different but related divination forms.  Palmistry refers to an examination of the palm,  while a hand reading refers to reading the hand, fingers, thumb and wrists as a whole. 

What Will You Learn?  What Does Palmistry Offer?

You can discover a great deal about a person’s personality, talents, faults, failings, and the way they overcome obstacles by an analysis of the hand. There is also a great deal of information you can uncover about the health of an individual at the time of a reading. You will learn to identify key events in your subjects past, the current events that are impacting them now, and the likely future should they maintain their current path.  You will also be able to identify latent talents, un tapped potential and the areas that are holding your subject back from true success. So accurate will your readings be that you will be able to identify the year of the occurrences you identify in the palm.

The role of the Reader is one of great responsibility.  You will have access to every detail of your subjects life, and you will be in a position to guide and warn.  You may also find yourself in a position where you need to offer difficult or distressing messages so we look at how this can be done without trauma and tension.  Your role when giving Palm Readings is that of life catch, mentor, guide and counsellor. By the end of this course you will have the skills and ability to set up your own Palmistry business, or simply to use your news skills for fun with family and friends!

Included in the course are full transcripts of each video lecture, self assessments for each module and several planning and reference guides.  You get everything needed to become a Skilled and Intuitive Reader and Guide.

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